Member Get Member

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Recruit new contractor members, get Visa gift cards!

So far in 2019, ABC of Western PA has recruited 37 new members climbing the total membership to 174 companies.

With the help of our members recommending their contacts in the industry, we can grow even more. There is power in numbers! Share the benefits of ABC of Western PA with your contacts through the Member-Get-a-Member Campaign and you could earn big!

There is no better promoter of ABC membership than you. We even make it easy for you – tell us who you’d like to invite to join ABC by completing this online form. And we’ll send your colleague an email that highlights ABC member benefits and encourages them to join.


Campaign Criteria

  1. Members recruited can be NEW and FORMER CONTRACTOR members of ABC of Western PA.
  2. The campaign will run for 4 months, from September – December 2019.
  3. For recruiter to receive credit, new CONTRACTOR member must write referral name in the space provided on the membership application to ABC.
  4. Prize is $250 VISA gift card PER new CONTRACTOR member recruited. There is no limit to number of new members a single member can recruit.

How to invite Members to join ABC of Western PA