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ABC Action is an advanced advocacy tool that enables users to become a vital part of the ABC grassroots advocacy efforts and further the merit shop philosophy.

Political Advocacy

ABC actively works with all levels of government to represent member interests and the merit shop construction industry. We employ a full time lobbyist who advocates in Harrisburg for the needs of our members. 

Over the years ABC has: 

  • Helped fight PLAs in the Western Pennsylvania region. 
  •  Helped make sure the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) was passed.
  •  Advocated for policies that reduced the cost of health care for employers and employees.

You can add additional parameters to the vit.load() call above to customize the embedded tool in a number of ways.

vit.load(options?:VITOptions, embedTarget?:String)

Both parameters are optional. options should be an object with the optional properties listed below. embedTarget allows you to change the id of the <div> the tool is embedded into.

VITOptions Properties

Properties Type Description
region String Sets the default state to display in the tool, which will cause it to pre-load a map of the state and display the statewide contests and ballot measures. This can be useful if your site is geared towards an audience from a specific state. Without this option set, the tool will attempt to detect the default state based on the user's IP. To disable this (and always default to the US map), set this property to null.
address String Pre-loads full voting information results for an address. This could allow you to prompt users for their address on one page and display the tool on another.
locale String Changes the language used in the tool. The tool currently supports values of en for English and es for Spanish.
official_only boolean When set to true, limits the tool to return only official data published and verified directly by a state or local election official, excluding data collected from official sources by trusted third party partners. With this option set, the tool will not include coverage for all 50 states.
election_id String The Election ID the tool should query. When not provided, this defaults to the US 2012 General Election ID of 4000. Learn more about Election IDs here.
base_sharing_url String If present, a +1 button will be displayed on the tool and will allow sharing of the provided URL.
address_example String The address to be displayed as an example of what the user should type for their address. When not provided, this defaults to "1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC"


Default view to California

vit.load({'region': 'CA'});

Pre-load information for a given address

vit.load({'address': '1600 pennsylvania ave nw, washington, dc'});

Default view to Maryland, and only use official data sources

vit.load({'region': 'MD', 'official_only': true});

Further Customizations

If you'd like to make more advanced customizations, the entire Voter Information Tool is open source. Any developer can download the source and modify it to create a version that suits their needs. Find the open source project on Google Code here.