Starting the week of March 16th, most of the ABC of Western PA staff will be working remotely and reachable via email and cell phone. Pete Gum, President & CEO, can be reached at (717) 979-3780, Ami Steinmetz, Director of Education and Workforce Development, can be reached at (412) 977-9438, Courtney Hammer, Director of Membership and Business Development, can be reached at (240) 750-0751 and Christi Dean, Marketing Communication Manager, can be reached at (412) 735-3336. Pete will be in the office daily and Linda Germ, Bookkeeper, will be in M-W-F 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM. 

Associated Builders and Contractors of Western Pennsylvania will provide superior programs and service to give its members a competitive advantage, to add value to the industry’s clients and to enhance the lives of the industry’s employees. ABC’S great diversity is also its strength. We believe our member firms provide the finest construction services in the industry. Each ABC member firm, regardless of its size or specialty, shares one thing in common: a steadfast commitment to the free enterprise system and the Merit Shop philosophy. This philosophy maintains that the construction process operates best when guided by the principle that the lowest responsible bidder should be awarded the contract. 


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